Oh! Why my QuickBooks stop ‘Beeping’?

A QuickBooks user just changed to a new computer and her QuickBooks does not ‘Beep’ when recording a transaction. She was frustrated. She called me up, bring in her outsource I.T. person, and asked us WHY?

Why? Why QuickBooks stop ‘Beeping’?

2010_0819_QBBeep First, you have to check whether you have accidentally disabled the ‘Beep when recording a transaction’ feature in QuickBooks. From the Edit menu, select Preferences. In the Preferences Window, go to General preference, under My Preferences tab, check whether was the ‘Beep when recording a transaction’ check box was un-checked. Just check it if it wasn’t.

However, if still does not ‘Beep’ when recording a transaction, it could be due to hardware issue.

Check whether you have a speaker attached or built in to your computer (According to the I.T. person, this user does not have a speaker for her computer).  How can your computer ‘Beep’ when there isn't any speaker?

The other problem could be due to the volume was not turn on (mute) or could be due to computer sound card issue. These are technical issue, I suggest user check it with their I.T. person.

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