QuickBooks template crashed

Lately, my customer, Mr. Andy Wilkinson, had done some “R&D” on QuickBooks template – He crashed it! He found a limitation in QuickBooks template.

Thanks! Andy.

I do not think many of you will get this error, however it is good to know this limitation.


I did a test myself on the QuickBooks 2009/10 Asia edition and confirmed that the maximum number of characters for Template was only up to 41characters (41 characters is a lot, it is good enough for most of us). When I use 42 characters, it crashed when I click on the Layout Designer. 

Reckon (developer of QuickBooks Asia) should set a maximum character limit in the Template Name field to prevent user from accidentally entering a Template name that is more than 41 characters.

For user who likes to have a long template name, please take note of this limitation.

If you discover something new in QuickBooks, do drop me a message, so I can share it out here with all the QuickBooks user.