Set number of previous companies

You have created more than four company files in QuickBooks, but there are only four company files links appeared on the ‘Previous opened company’ Window (page that you see when you launch QuickBooks without company file). What could be the possible issue?

By default, QuickBooks set the number of previous company link to four company files. You can increase it to twenty (maximum). Although the maximum previous company file was twenty, you are allowed to create more than twenty company files. Just go to File menu and follow by ‘Open or Restore Company …’ to open files that was not in the ‘Open Previous Company’ list.

To edit the number of ‘Previous Companies’ setting, you need to log in to your data file as an Administrator. Then, from the File menu, select ‘Open Previous Companies’ and follow by ‘Set number of previous companies …’ option.

Next, the ‘Set number of previous companies’ window will popped up, in the ‘How many companies do you want to list (1 to 20)?’ field, enter your required number of companies’ file which you like to list.