E&OE, what does it mean?

Sometime, we saw ‘E&OE’ or ‘E.&O.E.’ printed below the invoice. Do you know what does it stand for?

Some customer told me their printer, whom printed their invoice form, told them it is a must to put that in. However, not many of them can explain why you need that to be printed?

I found the answer from Wikipedia .

Wikipedia stated this:

'E&OE is an initialism standing for errors and omissions excepted. [1] The phrase is used in an attempt to reduce legal liability for incorrect or incomplete information supplied in a contractually related document such as a price list, quotation or specification …'

Besides, Wikipedia also stated that 'E&OE is most commonly used in the United Kingdom, Australia and the Republic of Ireland. It is also used in India, South Africa, and Canada, and less frequently in other English speaking countries.'

Singapore formerly was a British colony, I guess that was why we see E&OE in invoices.