For the past few months, I was busying sourcing for new accounting software; looking for something that is as easy as QuickBooks, something slightly more control (if not, powerful) than QuickBooks. I tested software like Xero, MYOB, UBS, FrontAccounting, LedgerSMB, SQL Ledger, Pastel, and many others. 

Some of these software lacks of feature like stock or multi-currency; some was powerful (or rather very powerful) but not user friendly enough to meet the small business users need. In fact, I would say it is difficult to get software that is close to QuickBooks (in term of user friendliness and features at it level).

I was about to give up. 

My hope regained after I met a friend who was using a Mac with this accounting software…

Finally, I found it. I found this beautiful software — MoneyWorks.

MoneyWorks is powerful yet very user friendly. Besides, it can be run in either Window or Mac Operating Systems. MoneyWorks data file can be cross between Window and Mac, which is, sharing the file between Window and Mac (I don’t know how many software can do this, but definitely not many).

I liked MoneyWorks the moment I installing it. It took me just below 2 minutes to install MoneyWorks (If you don’t believe it, try it). This was the fastest installation I ever did for accounting software.

I will blog about how easy and how powerful MoneyWorks is; do drop by my blog for an update.