The Power of “Enquiries”

Software: MoneyWorks v6 Gold


One of my favorite features in MoneyWorks is “Enquiries”. There are five Enquiries in MoneyWorks Gold; Account Enquiries, Payment History, Item Sales, Customer Sales, and Stock Enquiries.

Enquiries give user the flexibility of searching, sorting and printing out the information in the enquiry window.

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at PM 03.10.23

User can add or remove column of the Enquiries Window from the Customise List View function. In this way, user has a full control on what he/she wanted to view in the enquiries window. 

To print your report with the subtotal of your preferred field, simply click on the header of the field column before printing. This give user a better control in reporting. Example: you can subtotal by Customer Name, by Item, by Period, etc.

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at PM 03.12.44

As a layman, the Enquiries give me ability to search, filter and print my reports without having to know the complexity of creating report using reporting tools.