Who was the last user recording the transaction?

Software: QuickBooks


Use a Custom Transaction Detail report to find out who recorded the transaction or which the transaction was last entered.

This report provides the Administrator an overview of the users that entered the transactions or in some cases allows the user to continue recording data after a restore of data was done.

To create a Custom Transaction Detail report, go to the Report menu, select Custom Transaction Detail report. You need to click the Modify Report button to bring out the Modify Report Window. From the Display tab of the Modify Report menu, ‘tick’ to display both ‘Entered/Last Modified’ and Last modified by’ fields from the Column sub-window.

User can consider printing this report out daily (I save it as a PDF and file with my backup file), so in event that requires restoring data file, you know exactly what records need to be entered.



2 responses to “Who was the last user recording the transaction?

  1. Pastel Evo is powerful, but QuickBooks and MoneyWorks will be much more user friendly.

  2. This software is very much like a South African accounting software called Softline Pastel Accounting – thank goodness for accounting software 🙂