Importing lists into QuickBooks Canadian edition

Software: QuickBooks 2011 (Canadian edition)


Last week, I did a list transfer from the earlier version of QuickBooks to the latest QuickBooks 2011 (Canadian edition). 

When I was at my client’s place, I was surprised to find the version they had was a QuickBooks Pro version 6 (US edition). This was my first time handle Pro 6 US edition. This version should be launched around 1997.  

Due to the fact that US edition does not have GST feature (only Sales tax), I handled the export of list with extra care. 

After exported the Chart of Account list and other important List into *.IIF format (from file menu select utilities and follow by export), I open up the list in MS Excel to remove those system accounts such as Opening Balance Equity account and Retained Earning account. In this way, I will not get duplicated accounts accidentally. 

Then, I imported the list into the new data file created in QuickBooks Pro 2011 (Canadian edition). I managed importing the list into QuickBooks 2011 (Canadian edition). Two things I would liked to highlight while importing list were; user should 'clean up' the default tax code use in the name list in spreadsheet before importing, else it will auto create the older default code as a tax item in your item list and may cause difficulty to clean it up in QuickBooks name list. Another issue to highlight is the templates created in the different edition cannot import into QuickBooks 2011 (Canadian edition), user had to prepare spending sometime creating the new templates in QuickBooks 2011 (Canadian edition).