How does MoneyWorks DataCentre Licensing work?

Software: MoneyWorks DataCentre


When you purchase a MoneyWorks DataCentre (standard pack), it comes with one full Gold license and two DataCentre Client licenses, giving you 3 concurrent users.

In your company, if you have an Accountant who needs to have a full control of creating new file and managing the MoneyWorks Document (company file), an Account Assistant who does almost all the daily data entry, a manager who needs to access MoneyWorks Document occasionally to print (and view) financial information, and a remote user who help out in accounting work occasionally. then the standard pack (without additional client license) of MoneyWorks DataCentre suit you best.


Setting up MoneyWorks DataCentre

In your server, you install MoneyWorks DataCentre server manager software. Since the Accountant needs to manage the MoneyWorks Document, he/she will install and use the MoneyWorks Full Gold license (which come together with the purchase of MoneyWorks DataCentre). The Accountant will create the MoneyWorks Document and host the Document in your Server.

The Account Assistant needs to use the MoneyWorks daily to do and update his/her work, he/she will install the MoneyWorks DataCentre Client license.

Since the Manager and the Remote user will only log in occasionally, their computers will be installed with MoneyWorks DataCentre Client license.

In this setup, you can have three concurrent users log in the same time.  That is, at anytime, there can only be three users accessing the MoneyWorks Document. Should you need additional users accessing the Document at the same time, then, you simply add the number of additional DataCentre Client license required to your purchase.

You can create multiple Documents (company files) in DataCentre Server.  In the event, if you need to have multiple sites (that is, multiple Servers with multiple MoneyWorks Documents), then, you need to purchase additional MoneyWorks DataCentre Server licenses for each additional server site. The Licensing term is one MoneyWorks DataCentre Server license for one Server installation.