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Software: MoneyWorks Gold / DataCentre with Multilocation plugin


Multi-location is an add-on solution (a plugin) provided by Cognito. This plugin allows user to handle their inventory in more than one location.

The benefits of this plugin are:

  • Individual stock counts and valuations by location: Provides a simple mechanism for handling different warehouses or consignment stock;
  • Stock transfers handled easily; 
  • New stock codes created automatically.

Limitation (as what mentioned in the guide):

  • This plugin used up 2 characters of the product code. That is, your base product code cannot exceed 13 characters (max. number of characters for product code is 15)
  • Product code cannot use location delimiter;
  • This plug in probably not suitable for more than hundred product lines held in different location.

To use the multi-location plugin, you need to have MoneyWorks Gold or DataCentre installed. Next, download and unzip the file from Cognito .

The file consist of:

  • Multilocation Guide.pdf
  • Transfer Stock script for Mac
  • Transfer Stock script for Window (.exe)

I strongly suggest user read the guide before proceeding further, so to have a better understanding on what this plugin can do for you.


How to install multilocation plugin?

Multiloaction Plugin script will install in the Script folder, so user need to reveal the Custom Plugins Folder. To reveal the plugin folder, go to Reports menu | Index to Report; click the Make Custom Plugins Folders button. 

Click the Reveal button when prompted “Do you want to reveal the Custom Reports folder now?”

A new folder “MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins” with a set of sub-folders of Forms, Import Maps, Picture, Reports and Scripts created.

Simply copy the script “Transfer Stock” (depends on what operating systems you are using) into the Scripts folder and the “Transfer” script will shown automatically in your Command menu.


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