Multilocation Plugin Consideration

Software: MoneyWorks Gold / DataCentre with Multilocation plugin


To use multilocation plugin, first you must create a dummy creditor name say “STOCKXFER” (or any other name you prefer) to use as a creditor purely for transfer of stock. Since there isn’t any tax involved in this internal transfer of stock, you should set the default tax code to “*”.

Next, you have to decide whether to use Analysis field or Salesperson field as the destination location. I prefer to use the Analysis field as the Salesperson field may be used to track salesperson or department. You can rename your label for the destination location that make sense to you [example: Bin, Location, Branch, etc], by goign to Menu | Edit | Document Preference and chose Fields tab. Important: you cannot change the destination location field once it is set, so decide and chose carefully.

The last thing you need to decide is whether to use a “/”, “+” or a “.”  as a delimiter. If you use “/” as your delimiter, your stock code will have a "/" after your base product code. For example, product code “P101/1”; “P101” is the base product code, “/” is the delimiter and “1” is your location. Usually, I use the default “/” as my delimiter.

As a user, you should consider these factors carefully. Once you have chosen the field and delimiter to use don't change/amend them as it will cause a mess to your data file.


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