Multilocation: Transferring stock for the first time

Software: MoneyWorks Gold / DataCentre with Multilocation plugin


When using MoneyWorks with Multilocation Plugin, you need to create a dummy creditor, “STOCKXFER” (Or a name that you dedicated for stock transfer). You use a Purchase Invoice to transfer stock from HQ to Branches (or from one branch to another).

In the Purchase Invoice, enter the location you like to transfer to in the Analysis field (Multilocation Plugin allows you to use either Analysis or Salesperson field as a the location). You can use either a numeric (0-9) or alphabet (a-z) as a location name. If you use numeric, you will be restricted to 10 locations; as alphabet will gives you 26 locations. 

In the “By Item tab” of the Purchase Invoice, select your product(s) and quantity to be transferred. You can leave the unit price as 0.00 or a 100% discount method. Do not POST your entry; just click the OK button to save your Purchase Invoice. 

From your Transaction list window, highlight your stock transfer’s purchase invoice, go to the Command menu | select “Transfer” to run the multilocation plugin script.

When using Stock Transfer script for the first time, you will prompt to setup your Stock Transfer script, set your Destination Location and Delimiter accordingly and click the OK button to save your transaction.

  Multilocation setting

The status for stock transfer’s Purchaser Invoice will change to POSTED. A new product code will be created automatically. Example: if you transfer item P101 from your HQ to Location A; in your Item list you will see P101 (main stock) and a newly created item P101/A. “P101” is the base stock code, “/” is the delimiter and “A” is the location. The quantity is transferred from the main stock (P101) to the Location A (P101/A) and a new average cost will calculate accordingly.

Stock Transfer Purchase Invoice shows the movement of the stock from P101 to P101/A, the unit price indicated in there is the Average Cost of the item and not the buying cost from your supplier.


Stock Transfer detail

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