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Software: MoneyWorks Gold / DataCentre with Multilocation plugin


When using Multilocation (Multi-warehouse), there are two reports, which users like to have. They are the Stocktake list and Stock Valuation report. User needs Stocktake list for their stock-taking and Stock Valuation report for their audit.

From the Reports menu | select Stock Report | and follow by Stocktake List to print. MoneyWorks multilocation plugin uses Category 4 in the item profile as a Bin location. When printing Stocktake list, you have to specific Bin Location as “Category 4”. If you prefer to break your Stocktake list by location, you can select Page Break as “Category 4” in the report setting. 

The default Stock Valuation report does not allow you to view the stock value of an individual location. The simplest method is to customize it from the item list. From your item list window, go to Edit menu and select Customize List View, add Category 4 and StockValue field into your item list. You can rename the Category 4 field to Bin, Location, Shop, Branch, etc. The StockValue field will be your total stock value on hand.

To show the Average Cost of the item, you can add a customize column, Heading, into your item list. Add the expression “StockValue/StockOnHand” into the Heading field and rename the header to “Average Cost”. 

From the Item list, click the header of Category 4 to sort the item list by Category 4. Next, click the Print button and select Stock Valuation report to print. In the print setting, select “Print as Shown on Screen” radio button and check the check box for “Subtotal by Category 4”. In this report, it clearly shows the Total Stock Value of the individual location.

  Stock Valuation

To understand how MoneyWorks derived the average cost, you can print a Stock Movement report (From Reports menu | select Stock report | and follow by Stock Valuation report. In the Print Setting, select Print Stock History radio button).

Stock movement

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