Changing date format

Software: QuickBooks Asia


Frequently, user tends to ask about changing the date format of their QuickBooks Program from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. QuickBooks does not have a preferences setting for date format; it uses the date format set in your computer.

When installing Window Operating Systems, technician tends to default the Region and Language setting to US (United State). The date format will ended up as MM/DD/YYYY, QuickBooks will use this default date format for transactions and reporting.

To change the format to DD/MM/YYYY, go to Control Panel | Region and Language option, change the short date format to DD/MM/YYYY.

If you need to export your reports (those reports in list format such as General Ledger or Journal transactions), you need to change the date format temporarily to MM/DD/YYYY before exporting. This will ensure the date exported correctly into Excel. Change your date format back to DD/MM/YYYY after exporting to reduce disruption in your operation.