Transferring QuickBooks

Software: QuickBooks

If you need to transfer your QuickBooks from one computer to another is not as difficult as some of the user may have thought.

In QuickBooks, there are two components; QuickBooks program and QuickBooks data. Program is the software that provides the functions for your daily transactions. The data is your company data file, which stores your account transactions.

When changing computer, if you are storing your data in your computer (sole user of the QuickBooks), you need to transfer both the program and the data file from your current computer to the new computer.

Note: Check the Systems requirement of your QuickBooks before transferring. Older version of QuickBooks may not work with the newer operating systems such as Window Vista or Window 7.

First you need to back up your data file from your older computer. To do a backup simply go to file menu and select backup.

Next, install and activate your QuickBooks program in your new computer. 
Then, restore your backup file into your new computer. To restore, go to file menu and select restore.

After restoring, test out your QuickBooks program and data file, if everything working nicely; then, un-install your QuickBooks program from your older computer so you won't violating the license agreement of QuickBooks accounting software.