Report Date vs. Current Date

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Sometime, you wanted to print an AR Ageing Report or AP Ageing Report as of prior month and discovered that some of the transactions were “missing” from the report.


In the month of December you wanted to print an AR ageing report as of November and you discovered that some of the transactions that paid in the month of December was not shown in the report.


This is due to the report setting, in some of the version, by default, the report is set to print as of current date instead of the report date. 

AR as of Current date
Although, your report was set to a prior date, due to the transactions was paid after the reporting date; it will not showed in the report as outstanding.

To resolve this issue, you can simply amend the report setting by click on the Modify report button of the Ageing report; under the Display tab, click the Advance button and select the "Report Date" radio button of the Opening Balance/Age section.

AR as of report date
Now, the new report will show the ageing correctly as of the report date. 



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