“Space” missing between the Home Currency Symbol and the Total Owed value

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

Some user does wonder why the “space” is missing between the Home Currency Symbol and the Total Owed value in the Sales Invoices printout.

This issue usually happened to those who use multiple currencies. When using other currency (example: USD), it seems to print out nicely, the Total Owed printed out as “USD 9,999.99”; a “space” was inserted between the currency symbol and the value. However, when comes to Home Currency (Example: SGD), the Total Owed seem to print as “SGD9,999.99”. This problem was caused by the setting of the Custom base currency format. 

By default, when multiple currencies were to be used, without set up the custom base currency format, the print out of the Total Owed in Sales Invoice will not have a currency symbol; it will show as “9,999.99”. Only foreign currency’s sales invoices have the currency symbol in front of the Total Owed Value, such as “USD 9,999.99”.

To amend this problem, go to the Edit menu, select Document Preferences, then follow by Locale/Currency tab. In the Locale/Currency tab, add a “space” (tab the space bar of the keyboard) behind the Symbol.

Now, the Total Owed for either home currency or foreign currency sales invoices will have a ”Space” in between the Currency Symbol and the Total Owed value.