Sharing QuickBooks with other user

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

Most user who uses QuickBooks are SOHO or small businesses, which do not have an I.T. team to back them up in setting up QuickBooks for multi-user.

To share out your QuickBooks, first you need to create the users name in QuickBooks, so to allow these users to log in to the QuickBooks data file. 

To create the user name, for QuickBooks Canadian version, go to Company menu, “Set Up Users and Passwords” then follow by “Set up User”; for QuickBooks Asia or Australian version, go to Company menu and select “Set Up Users”.

“Set Up Users” wizard will guide you in creating a new user name in QuickBooks.

After created user, to share the file, simply switch your file to multi-user mode (that is from File menu | Switch to Multi-user Mode); so, other QuickBooks user can open the company file that is resided at your computer or the server.

Setting up a share folder in your computer or server can be a challenge to layman if your IT knowledge is limited; you may consider outsourcing it to an IT expert if you do not have one in-house. You may contact Solarsys if you need help in setting up QuickBooks for multi-user.