Hello! Who touch my QuickBooks data?

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

In multi-user environment, as a QuickBooks Administrator, you always concern of unauthorized editing to your QuickBooks Company file. Especially after your year-end-closing is done or after your long holiday trip, you get frustrated when you found that someone edited your QuickBooks data.

When you shouted across your office and asked who had edited your file, the reply is often – "Not me!".

You may have to print out your reports from the current file, restore your older backup file onto your local C drive to compare the changes from both data file. It is tedious finding out the discrepancy between the two files.

To prevent unauthorized editing to your file, what you can do is simply set a password to lock up your data as of a selected date.


If your accounting’s year-end-closing is as of 31 Dec 2009, you can set the date as 31 Dec 2009, then follow by a password to lock up your QuickBooks data.

With this closing date feature, you can reassure that nobody will edit your QuickBooks Company file without an authorization from you.

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