2011 or 2011/12

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

“Hey! I bought a new QuickBooks from a retail store, when I tried to restore my backup file from my previous version of QuickBooks and I got an error message. Why?”

Intuit introduced QuickBooks 2011 (Canadian version) early this year in Singapore.  For new user, this is the only desktop version of QuickBooks available in Singapore.

This version has all the features like QuickBooks Asia version such as stock tracking, multi-currency, Job, Class and GST (Note: QuickBooks Canadian is not IRAS compliant). However, when you tried to restore your backup file from QuickBooks Asia, an error message will be prompted:

QuickBooks cannot update this company file because:

The company file was not created with the Canadian version of QuickBooks. It is not compatible with this version of QuickBooks.

“Gosh! Why my new QuickBooks doesn’t read my old QuickBooks file?”

Reckon is the developer for QuickBooks Asia version. Intuit (Owner of QuickBooks) is the developer for QuickBooks Canadian version. Due to file structure different, they can’t communicate with each other.

As a QuickBooks Asia user, if you want to migrate your file to a new version of QuickBooks accounting software, you can buy QuickBooks 2011/12 (Australia version).

QuickBooks 2011/12 (Australia version) is only sell by Partner, you can’t pick up this product from a retail store in Singapore as QuickBooks 2011/12 (Australia version) is an upgrade version specially bring in from Reckon for the current QuickBooks Asia user. You are required to provide your Registered Information and Installation Code before purchase.

Not all data file from QuickBooks Asia can be migrated over to QuickBooks 2011/12 (Australia version); you should consult a QuickBooks ProAdvisor before purchase.

Should you migrate your data to QuickBooks 2011/12 (Australia version) or start a new in QuickBooks 2011 (Canadian version)?

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