Should I join the crowd and get into the Cloud?

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

Should I join the crowd and get into the Cloud?

With increasing in cloud solution, this becomes a trend that people tend to consider cloud accounting software as an alternative when they come to a point of deciding it.

One of the online accounting software, which Singapore user can consider is QuickBooks Online (Singapore version). QuickBooks Online (Singapore version) is developed by Intuit, currently market by Singtel. It has the familiar feature such as Multi-Currency, Class and GST that a local user needs.

However, being new, at this point, the features in the online version are not as rich as the desktop version of QuickBooks. From the last demo we saw, the online version did not have the stock tracking and job features like the desktop version. Besides, being not able migrated the QuickBooks Asia data over to the online version had disappointed most of the current QuickBooks user.

If you like the flexibility of accessing your account data on the move and low in setup cost, QuickBooks Online definitely meet your requirement. However, if your need in getting into the cloud is not critical, while waiting for the online version to enhance it feature; you may consider using QuickBooks 2011 (Canadian version), which is a desktop software that has most of the feature a small business needed. 

Do you really need to join the crowd and get into the cloud is depending on your business requirement.

Shouldn’t buy a product based on trend; you should consider buying based on your NEED.