Document management

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

"Jane, B customer told me they can't pay us for the last invoice as they didn't receive the goods." Boss asked his assistant. 

"But I remember the Deliver Order was stamp and signed by them." Assistant replied. 

"Can you pass me the Delivery Order? So, I can show them later in the meeting."

"Boss, but that was our last fiscal year's transaction and it was with our auditor. I need some time to get it back from auditor, can't pass it to you today."


It will be good, if you ever scanned it, digitized your document. 

MoneyWorks understand an accountant needs. In every transaction window, it provides an attachment field for you to attach a source document in it. 

Example: you can attach a Delivery Order to a Sales Invoice transaction, Supplier invoice into the Purchase Invoice transaction, a written cheque in the Payment transaction, customer's Purchase Order into the Sales Order transaction and customer's payment advice into the Receipt transaction. 

When you need to view the original source document, simply click "Display Image" in the transaction window to open up the digital copy of the source document. You don't need to go to your paper store or open up document boxes to find your source document. 

Used to take hours, days or even weeks to get your old documents; now, just a click away. 

Used to be dusty and time-consuming; now, just sit in front of your computer screen and view your source document anytime, anywhere. 

Simple and neat, isn't it?


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