Transactions entered today

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

QuickBooks is layman accounting software, which is very easy for layman like you and me to enter transactions. It allows user to enter transactions that were in the past months, current period or even transactions that fall in the future month.

With such flexibility, as an accountant, you may some time like to find out which transactions had your staff or even you yourself recorded today.

You can’t base on document date as some of the transactions may fall before or after your current month. So, what is the best method to find out these transactions?

In QuickBooks, you can use Custom Transaction Detail Report to trace your transactions. From the report menu, select Custom Transaction Detail Report; next, from the Modify Report wizard, Display tab, select both “Entered/Last Modified” and “Last modified by” fields from the Columns sub-window.

“Entered/Last Modified” tell you when was the transaction being recorded. “Last Modified By” tell you who recorded the transaction.

Custom Transaction Detail Report

If your objective is to display what had entered today, you can further customize your report by set the “Entered/Last Modify” to “Today” in the Filters tab of the Modify Report wizard.