Restore QuickBooks

Software: QuickBooks accounting software


Fire drills. Why needs a fire drills?

Just in case the fire alarm doesn’t trigger when the fire is at the doorstep.

Just in case the water sprinkle doesn’t work when you need it most.

Just in case the occupants do not know the escape route when the fire is chasing after them.

You need to test your systems, which was already in place for years … simply because of  — “just in case”.

I believed you did your backup regularly.

However, did you ever asked yourself, will there be a day your backup file failed to restore when you need it most?

Did you ever test the integrity of your backup file, a backup systems that was already in place for years?

No? You won't be the only one.

Every month, spend a few minutes of your time and test out your backup file. From the File menu, select “Open or Restore Company File …” and follow the wizard to restore your backup file.

Restore your company file into a temporary folder. Check your file, if data are correct, delete off your newly restored file. “Restore Drills” is over.

I might be paranoid.

Just a few minutes, get a reassurance, why not?