I wanna crash you!

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

Yesterday, a prospect asked me could MoneyWorks take seventy-five thousand items. I tested, it works.

Today, a reseller asked me could MoneyWorks take hundred and fifty thousand items. I tested, it works.

Since user having doubts in maximum number of items that MoneyWorks accounting software can take, I am going to test it.

Most of the small business accounting software can’t take large numbers of items in the item (inventory) list, I am going to test how much can MoneyWorks actually take.

Will MoneyWorks crash?

I prepared an Excel spreadsheet of 514,520 items, then, importing it into MoneyWorks. I expected it to take awhile, I went to the Newsstand to grab a copy of newspaper and went back to office. I prepared to spend my next few hours reading the paper and do some filing while waiting for the import to be done. However, to my surprise, MoneyWorks had already imported all the 514,520 items (it shouldn’t be more then 5-10 minutes). It’s fast.

I thought that I will crash it, but it doesn’t.

Max items
The MoneyWorks file size was about 425 MB after importing all the 514,520 items. In fact, it was fast accessing when I tried to create Sales Order and Purchase Order, the search was amazingly fast (in less than a second.)

I did the import at my desktop, if over the network, will be depending on the hardware and network infrastructure.

Most of the small business accounting software has it limitation, usually about ten to twenty thousand items in the product list, but MoneyWorks did it beautifully.

I doubt any small business will have half a million items in their inventory list, but if you do, MoneyWorks should work for you.

MoneyWorks – The King of small business accounting software.



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