Removing GST line item in invoice

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

When printing out invoice, in the description column, there was a GST line item generated right after your last item. This additional GST line item shows the summary of your GST amount for this transaction. If you have more than one GST code in the transaction, it will summarize up, showing the tax amount of each GST code.

GST line item

This is perfectly okay, but some user doesn’t like it.

You can’t find anywhere in the setting to hide this extra GST line; frustrated, isn’t it?

There is no setting in QuickBooks to hide this additional GST line item in your description; it is a systems generated line item. However, there is a workaround.

Template Designer

From your Template Designer, go to the footer tab of the Additional Customization function, select the “Print” checkbox of the “Sales Tax Summary”. This will bring out Sales Tax Summary box at the bottom of your invoice and the additional GST line item will be disappeared from the description column.

Sales Tax Summary

For Singapore user, we only have one GST rate – 7%, so this may be redundant to you. If you really don’t like it, you may minimize it, remove the border, and change the text color to white to prevent it from printing out (layman method, but works).

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  • Thank you so much!! I finally got rid of the GST line in the middle of our invoices!! Our customers will be very happy now!

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