MoneyWorks v6.0.9 update

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

Released date: 15 December 2011

Bug Fixes

  • Correction to Profit Next Year Budget report
  • Receive Stock Before Invoice: Include discount in cost price for journal
  • Fix tax code editing to prevent deletion of in-use codes
  • Fix memory leak in Code128 barcode rendering on Mac
  • Prevent improper rollback of invoice payments
  • Report Writer text file processing: support file choosing on Windows
  • Bank statement import: improved error detection
  • Respect payments privilege for purchase order deposits
  • Bank transfers cancellable in Express and Cashbook
  • Validation List creation was adding spurious character for last item if there was no final newline
  • Write-off checkbox now defaults to off after cancelling a payment with a write-off
  • Fixed Sales Tax report link in Navigator (North America)
  • Fixed a problem with very long filenames on Mac
  • Fixed a potential scroll position problem with list highlighting anchor
  • Copy and Paste styled report parts now correctly preserves fonts on Windows
  • Fixed a problem with emailing one-off payment-on-invoice PDF forms
  • Dashboard in Gold/Express: restored Aged Debtors chart
  • Report subsummaries now work properly in multiuser mode