Asterisk ( * ) before an item

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

You can create a memo item in MoneyWorks to capture long project descriptions or shipping details. Simply add an asterisk before your item code (example: *Remarks), and you can hide this Asterisk item from printing at the quantity, Item Code, Price, etc. column of your invoice template.

Usually, I will create a Resource Item with Product code [*Remarks] and link this item to a sales account (you need to select the checkbox for “We Sell It” if you are going to use it in Sales Invoice transaction.

Asterisk item

To hide this item from printing out at the quantity, item code or price column, simply adds an IF statement such as:

if(Detail.StockCode = “*@”, “”, Detail.StockQty)

The above statement mean if Stock Code (Detail.StockCode) starts with an asterisk (“*@”), print nothing (“”), else print Stock Quantity (Detail.StockQty) of this transaction.

If you use the default MoneyWorks template such as Product Invoice 1, the hiding of asterisk item is already pre-set in the template.

Example of how this asterisks item being used in Sales Invoice transaction:

asterisk item in invoice

Print out: