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To small businesses, cash is king. Without cash, your business will run into trouble in no time. To have cash, you need to generate profit from your business which comes from sales income less off all expenses. And, sales come from LEADS.

In any business, you need leads. Leads can be generated from advertising, mass emailing or faxing, word of mouth, trade show, web or social media such as Blog, Facebook, Twitters and Linkedin. When you have leads coming in from multiple channels, you need to manage them properly; follow up to ensure that they transform from cold to warm leads, turn them into hot prospects and then close them as customers, so as to give your business the essential element — CASH.

Many small business owners run their businesses without having a concrete plan about generating leads for their business. Even retailers with shopfronts need to get into social media or other marketing tools to get more people to patronize their shops. Otherwise, your business will soon suffer due to lack of sales and cash flow.

You may blame the economy when you couldn’t get enough sales. But ask yourself, have you done enough to generate leads for your business?

And when leads are generated, do you have a proper tool to track them throughout their life cycle.

LeadMaster is a one such great tool that you may want to consider using for tracking your leads. LeadMaster is a cloud based CRM solution that will work for your business. It is a tool for your sales team to track the progress of their leads and put them into the sales pipeline. It is a tool for your marketing to analyse your prospects and customers better so as to launch more relevant marketing campaign. It is a tool for you to turn your leads into sales.

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