Hiding Old Items

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

After using MoneyWorks accounting software for sometime, you may have some obsoleted items or item that no longer in use (it could be Product, Resource or Shipping method) in your item list.

(We assume that this item has ZERO stock on hand)

One method of removing these Obsoleted/Unwanted items is to delete them. However, once item deleted, item’s historical transactions will no longer traceable.

Instead of deleting the item, hiding it will be a better choice. We can hide the Obsoleted/Unwanted item by adding a “~” in front of the item code.

Example: Item BA100 is an unwanted item, we wanted to hide it from showing out in the item choice window when we are creating sales invoice.

First, we go to the Data Entry tab of the Document Preferences. Select the checkbox for “When altering an item master record, ask to alter existing transaction records”. This will allow the historical record to change when the item code changed.

Then, go to the Item list and amend the item BA100. Change the item code from BA100 to ~BA100.

Now, try creating a Sales Invoice, ~BA100 will not be showed in the item choice window.