Accounting Software

Accounting tools had evolved from manual Ledger Book, Spreadsheet to software that specially built for accounting; and today, there is hundreds (or even thousands) of accounting software available to fulfill SOHO, small business, mid and large enterprises need.

Besides, software developers are developing software to run in Window, Linux, Unix, Mac and Cloud based environment that targeting on different business I.T. environment.

To me, as a small business owner, I prefer a tool that is easy to manage, user-friendly interface, secure, able to run in both Window and Mac platform, and most importantly it must not be too pricey for small business to own.

MoneyWorks is my favorite accounting software as this software runs in both Window and Mac environment; this allow me, a Mac user, to share my accounting data with my colleagues who are using Window. Besides, the standard accounting features (such as Sales/Purchase Invoices, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Payment and Receipt, Journal, Inventory, Job and Department accounting) MoneyWorks accounting software built in powerful Form Designer and Report Writer, which allow user to customize the forms and report.

Get your MoneyWorks today or download a trial here.

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