MoneyWorks Singapore

MoneyWorks is developed by Cognito (New Zealand) and is localized for Singapore market.

“MoneyWorks is compliant with IRAS e-tax guide”

During setting up of Company file, once you have set your localization to Singapore [GST]; the company file, which you have created, will load with Singapore GST code.

Please refer to IRAS web site ( for the latest GST code and GST rate.

Besides the GST code and rate, MoneyWorks also has a built in GST Form 5 report, which will ease the user in filing GST.

MoneyWorks is compliant with IRAS e-tax guide, an IRAS Audit File IAF (Singapore) report can be printed directly from MoneyWorks upon IRAS request.

For more information, you may book a demo or download a trial for MoneyWorks accounting software.