Clone a new data file

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

In MoneyWorks, cloning a new data file from an existing data file is easy. Open up your original data file in MoneyWorks; go to File menu and select Save a Copy As function.

In the Save a Copy As wizard, select Save an Empty Clone radio button and set your Balance Date accordingly. By default, the file name given will be Your_Original_File_Name Clone, so it will not accidentally replaced your original data file, you can change your file name to suit your new data file.

If the financial year for this clone data file is from April to March (and period starts from April 2010), then, the Balance Date should be set as 31 March 2010. An additional period, March 2010, will be created for you to enter the closing balances.

All the settings, includes, Chart of Accounts, Customer, Supplier, Items, Base currency, Currency list and User name list (with same password) will be cloned over. Since this is an empty clone set, the transactions from the original data file will not be cloned.

Once data file is cloned, you can edit or delete any of the lists (such as Customer, Supplier or User name list) except the base currency.

Note: if you are cloning a new data file due to change of base currency (such as from Singapore dollar to US dollar), then, manual modification on the cloned data file is required. To a layman, it might be easier to start a new data file if you are changing the base currency.

This feature is great if you are setting up a new business and would like to use the similar list (such as item and user name list) for this new data file.