Set Credit against the Bill

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

I did enter a credit note from my supplier but I couldn’t find it in my Pay Bill window. Where is my Credit Note that I had entered? How to knock off my credit note against my bill?


From the Pay Bill window, select your bill that you wanted to knock off with the credit note. Then, click on the “Set Credit” button, which located at the bottom of your pay bill window. This will bring up the “Discount and Credit” pop up window. From the “Discount and Credit” window, select your credit note to knock off (if you want to partially knock off your credit note, simply change the “Amt. To Use” value). Now, the credit amount will show in the Credit Used column.

From the above example, the amount due (Amt. Due) is 346.18, credit used (Credit Used) is 52.50, and amount to pay (Amt. To Pay) is 293.68.

Lastly, click on the “Pay Selected Bills” button to complete your transaction.