Total number of quantity deliver

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

How to show the total number quantity sold in the Sales Invoice form?

total qantity deliver

Some trader may prefer to sum up the quantities sold in the Sales Invoice or Delivery Order form (usually at the footer of the Sales Invoice form). This is to ease the warehouse staff in the delivery or receiving of stock.

To do this in MoneyWorks, simply add a Calculation Box field into the Sales Invoice or Delivery Order template and enter the function in the Calculation Box as:

“Total number of quantity deliver: ” + Sum(ExpandList (“list”, “detail.stockqty“))  

In the above function , “Total number of quantity deliver: “, is just a text label to be printed on the form. The “list” is the default name used for the List in the Sales Invoice, which contains the list field such as quantity, item code, description, unit price, and etc.

Next, select 0.-0 from the Apply Format drop down list. This format allows you to print the quantity without decimal places tagging behind the quantity. Example: 17 pieces will be printed as 17 instead of 17.00.

Total Qty CalBox

Arrange the field to the correct position, sign your form (for DataCentre user) and your form is ready to use.

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