MoneyWorks | Stock Availability

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

The stock on hand show at the item list is good enough for businesses to have a basic understanding of the stock status. The salesperson needs the stock on hand information to commit the delivery schedule to their clients, and the purchaser needs it to plan for their upcoming marketing events.

To have a better stock plan, you need to have both the stock on order and stock available as well. The stock on order includes both the stock on the purchase order and stock on sales order. With the stock on order information you know how much stock is coming into the store and how much the sales had committed.

The stock available added up the stock on purchase order to the stock on hand and less the stock on sales order. Instead of manually sum up with a calculator, having a field that auto calculate the stock availability will be ideal.

The stock on order and stock available field are Heading field, which is a customisable field. From the Items list window, go to the Edit menu and select Customise List View function. Then, add Heading field from the “Available Fields” window to the “Fields to be displayed in this list”. Next, highlight the Heading field from the “Fields to be displayed in this list” and click the “Edit” button to add functions () into the Calculation Box.

Stock on Purchase Order

A SumDetail() function is used for “Stock on Purchase Order”. Add the function() into the Calculation Box of the Heading field:

SumDetail (“detail.orderqty – detail.prevShipQty”, “detail.StockCode = `”+code+”`”,”type=`POI`”)

Detail.OrderQty – Detail.PreShipQty will give you the balance quantity on order and POI is the Purchase Order.

You may further enhance the presentation by changing the Column Header to  ‘Stock on PO’ and move the new field next to the Stock On Hand.

Stock on Sales Order

Like the Stock on Purchase Order, SumDetail() function will be used in the Heading field. Add a new Heading field and enter the function in the Calculation Box as:

SumDetail (“detail.orderqty – detail.prevShipQty”, “detail.StockCode = `”+code+”`”,”type=`SOI`”)

Instead of type = POI, we changed it to SOI, which is the Sales Order.

Stock Available 

Add a new Heading field, and enter the Calculation Box as:

StockOnHand + SumDetail (“detail.orderqty – detail.prevShipQty”, “detail.StockCode = `”+code+”`”,”type=`POI`”) – SumDetail (“detail.orderqty – detail.prevShipQty”, “detail.StockCode = `”+code+”`”,”type=`SOI`”)

Stock available is to add the Stock on Purchase Order to the Stock on hand and less the Stock on Sales Order.

Stock Available