Accountant’s Support Copy

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

Cognito has made a specially licenced version of MoneyWorks available to the accountants of registered MoneyWorks users so that they can better support you. In particular, it gives the accountant access to your actual accounting file, and all the transactions and reports that can be extracted.

Register Online

Use Register on Line to request an accountant’s copy

The only way to request a support copy for your accountant is by using the Register on Line facility in the Help menu of MoneyWorks (and if you change accountants, or upgrade to a new version of MoneyWorks, you will need to repeat the process). Only external public/chartered accountants are eligible (requests for a copy for anyone else, including bookkeepers or internal accountants, will be declined). It is important when you request a copy that you also let your accountant know, as the licence and other information will be emailed to them directly, and they may overlook the email. Note that under no circumstances can you give your accountant (or any one else) your copy of MoneyWorks or your serial number.