MoneyWorks | Restore

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

You may need to restore a backup file when you suspected that there are entry errors in your current file. You may want to start using the backup file and re-enter the transactions again or simply compare the reports between the current working file and the restored backup file.

To restore a backup file, go to the File menu and select Open. Next, select your preferred backup file, click the Open button and continue restoring your file.

Note: Restore your file with “extra care”; once restored, you can’t un-do it or rollback.

When backup file is selected instead of the working file, MoneyWorks will prompt you a warning message:

Restore a backup file?

You are opening a backup file. Click Restore to extract the backup from the archive. You will be asked where to save the restored data.

Follow the instruction, click the Restore button to continue.

Then, from the Save As window, browse your computer (or network drive) for the location to restore your file. You may change the file name (optional) or replace your current file if you intended to use your backup file. Click the Save button to confirm your restoration.

After restoring, MoneyWorks will prompt you another warning message:

Opened a backup

Do not enter new data into this document unless you really intended to start over using backed up data.

Read the message, then, click the OK button to complete your restoration.

More information: Page 25 of the MoneyWorks User Guide, To Restore a Backup.