QuickBooks | TLG file grows too large

Software: QuickBooks

Some user may have an issue with a large TLG file, it may grow up to as huge as  1.7 GB, and this may cause errors or backup to hang.

One of the possible causes is the automatic update setting in your Search preferences. To prevent overgrown TGL file, you may disable it. From the Edit menu, go to the Preferences, highlight Search from the left panel and click the Company Preferences tab. In the Company Preferences tab, unchecked the “Update automatically” from the Search Box Preferences.

Search Preferences

If you are not sure, you should consider engaging a QuickBooks Consultant.

Once you have turned off the automatic update feature in the Search Preferences, you may close QuickBooks, rename your TLG file to “.Old”; restart your QuickBooks to allow QuickBooks to recreate a TLG file. Now, your overgrown TLG file issue should be resolved.

More information: http://community.intuit.com/posts/tlg-file-grows-very-large-very-fast-enterprise-2011-possible-solution