MoneyWorks | Base Currency Value

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

Assuming your base currency is in Singapore Dollar (SGD) and you have some invoices in US Dollar (USD), the Gross column of the Sales Invoice list will show as the USD amount instead of SGD.

To view the Gross value of the transaction in a base currency (SGD), you can add a new Heading field to the list with column value as:


Although this method does calculate the base value, it is only applicable to the posted transactions. The unposted and base currency transaction will show as 0.00 values.

If you require showing the base currency value for the unposted and base currency transactions as well, then the column value should be changed to:

Gross/if (Exchangerate = 0, CurrencyConvert (1, BaseCurrency, Currency, transdate), ExchangeRate)

MW Base Currency Value