MoneyWorks | Correcting the Period Ends

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

If you have accidentally edited the period ends or created a wrong period ends, you can amend it from the “Open/Close Period” of the Command menu.

Wrongly period ends

Assuming your financial year is from Jan to Dec and your current year is 2013. However, you discovered that your Dec 2012 has a period ends of 31 Dec 2013 (which is supposed to be 31 Dec 2012) and Feb 2013 period has a period end of 28 Feb 2014 (Which is supposed to be 28 Feb 2013). To amend the period ends, go to the Command menu and select “Open/Close Period”, then click on the “arrow” button in front of the “Last day of Period” and amend the date accordingly.

Open/Close Period

In this case, change the date from “31/12/13” to “31/12/12”, and “28/2/14” to “28/2/13”.

Edit the Period Ends

Click on the “Done” button to complete the Period Ends correction

Corrected Period Ends

Note: You should backup your document (company file) before you amend the period ends.