Separate the Sundry Creditor from Trade Creditor

Software: Intuit QuickBooks accounting software

To simplify the data entry, by default, QuickBooks is using an Accounts Payable account to track all the Bills received.

However, some accountant may prefer to separate the Sundry Creditor from the Trade Creditor when printing the Accounts Payable Ageing report.

You can use the Vendor type to segregate the vendors. You may add vendor type such as Sundry and Trade, then set the sundry creditor with Sundry vendor type and trade creditor with Trade vendor type.

QuickBooks - Vendor Type

The vendor type will not affect the data entry nor the account.

When printing the Accounts Payable Ageing report, you can filter the Vendor Type by show only the Sundry or Trade vendor type.

QuickBooks - Filter ageing report

This will separate the Accounts Payable into two separate reports, one for the Sundry and the other for Trade.

QuickBooks - Ageing report