QuickBooks | Attach File

Software: Intuit QuickBooks accounting software

When there is a discrepancy in the accounting entry, you always need to refer back to the original source document. Documents such as bill, invoice, delivery order, payment voucher, Import Permit or Certificates, and etc. Flip through files to search for documents can be a time consuming task.

You can now retrieve the soft copy document within the QuickBooks transaction; without flipping through the pages, without throwing the files all over your desktop — just click and view.

Cool, right?

From the QuickBooks transaction window, such as Enter Bills, click on the Attach File button to start attaching your related documents into the transaction.

QuickBooks - Attach File

You can simply drag and drop the soft copy document, such as PDF format, into the Attach File window, or scan the document directly into the Attach File window.

QuickBooks - Attach File Window

The numeric value at the top right corner of the Attach File button to indicate how many documents are attached to the transactions.

QuickBooks - number of files attached