GST F5 | What to fill in each box?

The GST F5 (Form 5) consists of 13 boxes:

Box 1: Total value of standard-rated supplies

Box 2: Total value of zero-rated supplies

Box 3: Total value of exempt supplies

Box 4: Total value of (1) + (2) + (3)

Box 5: Total value of taxable purchases

Box 6: Output tax due

Box 7: Input tax and refunds claimed

Box 8: Net GST to be paid to/ claim from IRAS

Box 9: Total value of goods imported under under the MES/ A3PL/ Other Approved Schemes

Box 10: Did you claim for GST you had refunded to tourists?

Box 11: Did you make any bad debt relief claims?

Box 12: Did you make any pre-registration claims?

Box 13: Revenue

What to fill in each box?


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