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Software: Intuit QuickBooks accounting software

Debit note

Generally, a GST-registered person is required to issue a tax invoice or simplified tax invoice (if the total amount payable including GST does not exceed $1,000) for the standard-rated supplies made to his GST-registered customer. This is to enable the GST-registered customer to substantiate his input tax claims.

However, a debit note may be issued as a document for requesting payment for transactions where no GST is charged (e.g. internal billings within the same company).

Source: http://www.iras.gov.sg/irashome/page04.aspx?id=10728

Since QuickBooks does not have a Debit Note feature, you may consider using a Sales Invoice transaction and change the title of the template to “Debit Note”.

Although, the transaction type is a Sales Invoice, the account which associated with the items can be an Other Income account type. This will help in segregating the non-trading Income from the trading income.

To differentiate between the Sales Invoice and Debit Note, you may consider creating a new Accounts Receivable account (name it as Inter-company) and use it in the “Debit Note” transaction. In QuickBooks, every accounts receivable account has it’s own invoice running number. This will help in reporting and physical filing.