QuickBooks | The missing tax amount column

Software: Intuit QuickBooks accounting software

Reckon Accounts does provide users an additional Tax Amount (TAX AMT) column in the invoice transaction screen, it allows user to view the Tax amount of the individual line item.

Reckon Accounts - Tax Amount Column

However, Intuit QuickBooks only provide a Tax Code column and a tax total at the bottom of the invoice transaction.

Intuit QuickBooks - Tax

For those users who have crossover from Reckon Accounts to the Intuit QuickBooks have to take note of this, you may have to re-do the layout of the invoice template (especially for those who are using Pre-Printed invoice form).


4 thoughts on “QuickBooks | The missing tax amount column

  • in the general journal also without the tax amount column.please advice.
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    1. Intuit QuickBooks do it differently. There is no tax amount associated with the income/expense account or taxable amount. When tax account is being selected, it allow user to add a tax code, and the tax amount will enter into the debit or credit field.

  • Write cheque also have this issue, may I know how to solve this problem.
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