QuickBooks Online | Fraud Protection

Software: Intuit QuickBooks Online, Singapore

QuickBooks Online does not permanently “lock” up the transactions, it allows the authorized user to amend the transaction when a genuine mistake was made.

To prevent unauthorized modification, QuickBooks Online has a “Closing the Books” protection feature, which administrator can set a closing date and a password, to prevent unauthorized user from saving a transaction which was dated before the closing date.

You can find the “Closing the Books” feature under the sub-menu of the Company Preferences.

QuickBooks Online Singapore - Closing the Books

To prevent financial fraud, QuickBooks Online has a built in Audit Log, which tracks all the changes made in the transaction. Besides the new and edited transactions, QuickBooks Online does provide a log file which shows the user logged in and out from the system.

QuickBooks Online Singapore - Audit Log