QBO Singapore | Delayed Charge

Software: QBO (QuickBooks Online) Singapore

Delayed Charge is a non-posting transaction. It is a future revenue (Similar to the Sales Order of the QuickBooks Desktop) which you recorded in QBO, some user may consider that as a sales confirmation. For example, your customer may confirm to purchase a machine from you, but due to delays in the delivery schedule you may create a delayed charge to remind yourself of the outstanding order. Or a service which you intend to start later, instead of posting the income to the unearned revenue and later reverse it back to the sales income account, some accountant may prefer to hold it as a delayed charge if the delay period is not too long.

QBO Singapore - Delayed Charge

You can view the delayed charge transactions from the Unbilled Charges report. When you are ready to invoice the customer, you can convert the Delayed Charge to a Sales Invoice. To convert the Delayed Charge transaction to a Sales Invoice, simply click the “Start Invoice” button under the ACTION column of the Sales Transaction listing.