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What’s new?

Comment on Report.

I like the new Comment on Report feature in QuickBooks 2015 Desktop version.

After reviewing the reports, the accountant may have a query which they need  to discuss with the business owner. Instead writing it down in the note book (be it paper or digital form) or print the report into PDF and comment on it; Intuit creates an interactive Comment on Report feature in the QuicbkBooks 2015 Desktop version to help the accountant communicate with the business owner better.

Whenever there is a query while reviewing the report in QuickBooks accounting software, simply click on the “Comment on Report” button.

QuickBooks - Comment on Report

Then, in the commentary view, click the comment icon besides the field and start entering the comment in the commentary box. Once you are done, hit the “save” button to save your commented report.


QuickBooks accounting software

To retrieve or edit the commented report which you have saved, go to the “Commented Report” of the ‘Reports” menu.