QuickBooks | Add to icon bar

Software: QuickBooks Desktop accounting software

Accountants who are frequently using the “General Journal” function will realised that there is no short-cut icon of the “Make General Journal” function on either at the “Home” screen or at the “Icon bar”. The “Make General Journal” function can only be found at the “Company” menu | “Make General Journal Entries…”

To create a “short-cut” icon of the “Make General Journal Entries” on to the icon bar, you first launch a blank general journal entry, then go to the “View” menu and select “Add “Make General Journal Entries” to icon Bar…”. Follow the wizard to select your preferred icon and change the icon label accordingly.

QuickBooks - Make General Journal

From the “View” menu, select “Customise Icon Bar…” to rearrange the icons on the “Icon Bar”. You can change the position of the icon or remove it from the “Icon Bar”.